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We believe sharing our faith is a key component of being a good Christian. There are people whose eternal destination will be decided because of our efforts. At Lighthouse, we provide multiple opportunities for people to share their faith and to grow in serving and discipling others. One of these opportunities is through our "Who's Your One?" outreach. The premise is simple: imagine the impact if every Christian had ONE person they prayed for and shared the gospel with. Who are you committing to pray for?


Reaching our community is a high priority at Lighthouse. Here are a few ways we seek to reach Mustang:



Group outreach is a time for Lighthouse to corporately reach out to our community by

passing out flyers and literature for events at the church.



Our missions funds support missionaries around the world and allow them to reach those in need of the Gospel. Through Missions giving our church family reaches people in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, and the uttermost parts of the earth.

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  • Participation in Bless The Broncos

  • Meadowview Park was adopted by Lighthouse in the Fall of 2019

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